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Our Six Sigma Business Process Management Service is about more than simply cutting costs. It’s about increasing business value for your company.

Valdo can provide a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) option, based on the agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement) and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), in whichwe are fully responsible in providing the premises, facilities, human resources and technology infrastructure to carry out the operations.

Back-Office Operations

  • Data Entry
    This process converts data in hardcopy into computer-readable format and unstructured data to structured data. For data in standard application forms, we can carry out the process using ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) method to accelerate the conversion and minimize errors. Valdo has run this service for bank new account processing, including new credit initiation, with an option to run in non-normal office hours and 24-hour operation.
  • Document Printing
    Valdo has provided document printing service to print policy documents, sending them to courier companies, and ensuring the delivery.

Mobile Operations

  • Field Survey/Mobile KYC/Physical Verification
    Our field survey service covers both open survey and silent survey service, with an option of document pickup or wet signature solicitation. Our surveyors are equipped with mobile survey apps that report the survey location accurately, allows photos to be taken securely, and returns the survey data immediately. Valdo has provided this service to banks and multi-finance companies. We have also provided a variation of this service as the Mobile KYC (Know Your Customer) service for digital banking services, with scheduled and on-demand, electronic ride-hailing style.
  • Field Collection/Pickup Payment
    Equipped with mobile collection system app, our field agents can visit the customers to remind them to repay their bills or pickup their payments. The receipts can be sent by SMS or printed on location.
  • Field Sales/Sales Promotion
    We provide field sales team to directly selling products and services to customers, including canvassing, sales promotion (SPG and SPBs) and merchant acquisition. Valdo has provided this service for various industries such as banks, multi-finance, pay TV, digital marketplace, etc.
  • Courier
    Usually as a complement to other business processes such as telemarketing, we can provide a courier service to deliver documents to customers or picking up supporting documents for them. This service can also be done for other industries such as logistics.
  • Technician
    Valdo has provided field technician to install, repair and dismantle pay TV equipments. Our service is also integrated with mobile app for scheduling and dispatch, and we can also provide the technician cars.

Our BPO service is also available for Voice Channel Services, for example Tele-Verification, Tele-Survey, Tele-Cleansing and Welcome Call.

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