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Valdo provides Voice Channel Services for both Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center services, along with the telecommunication infrastructure. Valdo provides Voice Channel Services for both Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center services, along with the telecommunication infrastructure.

Inbound Call Center

  • Customer Service
    We provide customer service contact center that is integrated with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), specifically a ticketing system. This service allows customer to contact our centers for inquiries, requests, claims or complaints. Our customer service contact center supports more than only call center, because the agents can also respond to emails and electronic messaging services such as WhatsApp and LINE. All interactions are tracked in the ticketing system CRM. Valdo customer service solution is applicable in all industries. We have provided the service for banks, insurance companies, automotive, education, pay TV, etc.
  • Inbound Sales
    Valdo has provided inbound sales services that enables order taking from phone calls as well as emails and electronic messaging. The service can be integrated with our Telemarketing/Telesales service as well as courier dispatch and document pickup. This service is applicable in various industries such as banks, insurance, education, travel, pay TV, etc.
  • Help Desk/Service Desk
    As an expansion of the general customer service, we also provide a more specialized help desk/service desk service for a single point of contact for technical or IT service requests. This service can also be dedicated to handle service requests only from your internal employees. We can also integrate the service desk call center with a walk-in service center and field technicians.
  • Video Contact Center
    This is the most recent development in our inbound service, where we provide a video contact center that takes incoming video calls using WebRTC. This service is applicable for KYC (Know Your Customer) or any other processes that requires more than just voice conversations.

Outbound Call Center

  • Telesales/Telemarketing
    Valdo has provided sound telesales/telemarketing services to offer various products or services from various industries to prospective customers. Our telemarketing systems cover the end-to-end business process, from product management that supports multi-product offering, campaign management, sales activity management with upselling and cross-selling, quality assurance and reporting, up to courier dispatch and document pickup. We have provided this service for banks, insurance, multi-finance, telecommunications companies, pay TV, education, etc. Our service can also be integrated with other new account processing services such as data entry and tele-verification.
  • Tele-Collection/Desk Collection/Dunning
    The service of payment reminder or debt collection by phone calls are proven to be effective to improve collection performance. With an award-winning best practice collection management team, Valdo has provided a proven tele-collection service for various buckets, from reminder through recovery, to multinational and national companies such as banks, multi-finance, fintech, and pay TVs. We operate our tele-collection centers in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Balikpapan. This service is suitable for all industries that need collection activities.
  • Tele-Verification
    Valdo has provided tele-verification (telephone verification) service to prominent multinational and national banks, multi-finance and pay TV companies. Tele-verification is an essential step in new account processing, to ensure the eligibility of a prospective customer and assess the risks. For local knowledge, we operate our tele-verification centers in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Medan.
  • Tele-Survey
    Our tele-survey (telephone survey) service covers both open survey and also mystery caller service. In the open survey, our agents try to gather the required information from the survey subjects verbally, while in the mystery caller survey service, our agents act as a customer and evaluate the subject without telling them that they are being evaluated. This service is applicable for the companies that want to gather information about the market or measure the quality of service of their own departments, branches or suppliers.
  • Tele-Cleansing
    Tele-cleansing or information update service is aimed to update the customers’ data by phone calls, to improve the database quality and integrity. Valdo has provided tele-cleansing service for various banks and multi-finance companies, with an integration with field survey
  • Welcome Call
    Welcome call is an essential process to ensure a long-lasting relationship with new customers. It is important to make sure the customers understand the products or services they have just bought and no overselling. We have provided this service to insurance companies and pay TV’s.
  • Tele-Conservation
    For insurance companies and other subscription-based services, tele-conservation is an effective method to reinstate or revive lapsed policies or subscriptions. The service is a blending of telesales and tele-collection.

Telecommunication Service

  • Outbound Call Special Rate
    As a result of operating thousands of outbound call workstations, Valdo has a special agreement with telecommunication providers and we passed the deal to our clients. This way, we can provide you the best quality of phone calls with a per-second flat rate to anywhere in Indonesia.
  • Special National Hotline Access Number
    To increase customer awareness to your corporate image complementing the inbound call center, we can help you subscribe to your own special National Hotline Access Number (140XY or 1500-XYZ) with a special rate.
  • Robo-Calls/Voice Blast
    Valdo has provided automated robotic calls for payment reminder, information socializations and event invitations to various organizations and companies including multi-finance and insurance. With a high throughput we can make thousands of calls per day, with a combination of prerecorded messages and text-to-speech, including correct customer name pronunciation in Indonesian, and interactive response.
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