January 15, 2019

Who We Are

VALDO INC. is a Six Sigma Management Service Company founded in 2002, focusing to help businesses manage and reengineer business processes using the right technology as an accelerator enabling the business process to maximize revenue, contain cost, and manage risks.

We have been trusted by many multinational and national financial institutions to support and help them improve their business process performances, either through management services or consultancy arrangements. Our team, from the management down to front liners possess the capabilities and experiences to manage end-to-end business processes. We are also supported by an excellent IT and data mining team. Plus, we already run branch infrastructures in key Indonesian cities, that we can bring synergy to optimize our clients’ business process performances further.

Valdo Inc. has established itself to be the leading Integrated Six Sigma Management Service Company delivering high value services to completely satisfying our client’s needs profitably, either through advisory or managed service to multinational or national companies in Indonesia.


To be the leading Integrated Six Sigma Management Service Company in theregion, serving multiple customer segment and industry.


To help our client building a unique and profitable customer-centric organization, by increasing customer satisfaction, mitigating business risk and creating Six Sigma operational excellence throughout the business.

Companies in Valdo Inc. Group :

  • PT Valdo International
  • PT Valdo Sumber Daya Mandiri
  • PT Valdo Solusi Integra