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Outbound Call Center

Telesales / Telemarketing

Valdo elevates the standard in telesales and telemarketing, offering dynamic and effective services tailored to a multitude of products and industries. Our approach is designed to engage prospective customers through strategic outreach, ensuring your offerings stand out in a crowded market.

Our comprehensive telemarketing systems are engineered to encompass the entire business process. From versatile product management facilitating multi-product offerings to sophisticated campaign and sales activity management promoting upselling and cross-selling, we ensure every aspect of your campaign is covered. Coupled with rigorous quality assurance and detailed reporting, as well as additional services like courier dispatch and document pickup, we provide an all-encompassing solution for your sales needs.

Valdo’s expertise spans various sectors, including banking, insurance, multi-finance, telecommunications, and education, among others. Our services extend further to integrate seamlessly with new account processing, including data entry and tele-verification, ensuring a smooth and efficient customer journey from start to finish.


Valdo is at the forefront of providing top-tier tele-verification services, catering to the needs of leading multinational and national banks, as well as multi-finance institutions. Our tele-verification service is a critical component in the new account processing framework, designed to verify the eligibility and assess the risk associated with prospective customers efficiently and effectively.

This essential service streamlines the onboarding process, ensuring that your business can make informed decisions with speed and precision. Trust Valdo to secure the integrity of your customer intake process with our expert tele-verification solutions.


Valdo’s Tele-Cleansing or Information Update Service is designed to enhance your customer data accuracy and integrity. By engaging with your customers directly via phone calls, we ensure that your database reflects the most current and relevant information, thereby improving its quality and reliability.

Having served numerous banks and multi-finance companies, Valdo brings a wealth of experience and efficiency to the table. Our service is seamlessly integrated with field surveys, offering a comprehensive approach to data verification and updating. Entrust your data cleansing needs to Valdo and experience a new level of data integrity and operational excellence.

Welcome Call

At Valdo, we believe that a well-executed Welcome Call is pivotal in forging enduring relationships with new customers. Our approach focuses on ensuring that customers fully comprehend the products or services they’ve acquired, fostering a transparent and trustworthy beginning to their journey with your brand.

Our dedication to clarity and honesty means that we avoid overselling, instead prioritizing the customer’s understanding and satisfaction. This service has been successfully implemented for a variety of sectors, including insurance firms and subscription-based service providers, showcasing our ability to adapt and deliver results across industries. Choose Valdo’s Welcome Call services to set the foundation for lasting customer relationships.


Valdo specializes in providing a dual-faceted Tele-Survey (telephone survey) service, encompassing both Open Surveys and Mystery Caller Services to meet your diverse research needs.

In our Open Survey approach, our skilled agents engage directly with subjects to collect essential information through detailed verbal interactions. This method ensures accurate and relevant data collection, tailored to your specific market research objectives.

Conversely, our Mystery Caller Service adopts a more covert approach. Here, our agents pose as genuine customers, interacting with your service channels to assess and evaluate the quality of service provided, without revealing their evaluative purpose. This method offers unbiased insights into the customer experience and operational efficiency.

Our Tele-Survey services are invaluable for companies aiming to gain deeper market insights or to evaluate the service quality of their departments, branches, or suppliers. Partner with Valdo to unlock actionable intelligence and drive your business forward.


Valdo introduces an innovative approach for insurance companies and subscription-based services: Tele-Conservation. This strategic method is designed to rejuvenate lapsed policies or subscriptions, effectively re-engaging customers and reinstating their commitments.

Our Tele-Conservation service is a synergistic blend of telesales and tele-collection techniques. By combining the persuasive engagement of sales with the structured approach of collections, we offer a balanced and effective solution to recover and renew customer subscriptions and policies.

Embrace Valdo’s Tele-Conservation solutions to enhance customer retention and boost your subscription renewal rates.


Valdo elevates the standard for mass communication with our cutting-edge Automated Robotic Call Services, designed for an array of purposes including payment reminders, information dissemination, and event invitations. Catering to a diverse client base, including multi-finance firms and insurance companies, we ensure your messages reach your audience effectively and efficiently.

Our service boasts an impressive capacity, capable of initiating thousands of calls daily, ensuring broad reach and consistent message delivery. Utilizing a sophisticated blend of pre-recorded messages and advanced text-to-speech technology, we guarantee accurate pronunciation of customer names in Indonesian, enhancing personalization and engagement. Additionally, our system supports interactive responses, allowing for real-time customer engagement and feedback.

Trust Valdo to streamline your communication processes with our reliable and high-capacity Automated Robotic Call Services.


Experience unparalleled improvement in your collection performance with Valdo’s specialized Payment Reminder and Debt Collection services. Our approach, conducted via strategic phone calls, has been consistently proven to yield significant results in enhancing collection outcomes.

Led by an award-winning team renowned for their best practice collection management strategies, Valdo delivers a comprehensive tele-collection service. This service spans the entire collection spectrum, from initial reminders to full-scale recovery efforts, and is tailored to meet the unique needs of both multinational and national clientele across various sectors including banks, multi-finance companies, fintech firms, and pay TV providers.

Valdo’s tele-collection services are universally applicable, designed to support any industry in need of effective collection activities. Partner with us to transform your collection processes and drive your financial performance to new heights.